Hollis BOV

SDD: 6092 MPN: 240.63

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The Prism 2 BOV is the newest accessory for your Prism 2 eCCR. It is a lightweight and high performance DSV (Dive Surface Valve) and regulator (BOV - Bailout Valve) in one which is a direct bolt on for your rebreather.

The BOV is easily installed by replacing the standard DSV. A BOV is considered as basic safety equipment by many professionals. This BOV meets the requirements for training in Technical rebreather courses.   

  •     Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
  •     Single handed operation for both OC and CC operation
  •     Brass locking rings provide weight for near neutral buoyancy
  •     Easy grip controls for precise adjustment even while wearing gloves
  •     Extremely compact and streamlined
  •     One-way mushroom valves provide extremely low WOB