Hollis Tx1- Trimix Wrist Computer

SDD: 5930 MPN: 204-2361

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The Hollis TX1 is simple yet extremely capable, supporting air, nitrox and helium gas mixes with the option for wireless HP. With up to 6 gases and 6 independent transmitters, there are unlimited options for the use of this product for both recreational and technical diving.

The TX1 utilizes the proven Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with user adjustable gradient factors, gases and dive profile, allowing the diver to uniquely control their decompression calculations. Also included with the TX1 is the powerful and easy to use HTCI (Hollis Trimix Computer Interface) software. HTCI allows users to view, edit and manage their dive data and computer settings from their PC computer. The software and required connection cable are free with purchase.

Wireless transmitter sold separately.          

  •     Up to 6 gases
  •     Helium, oxygen, nitrox, air
  •     Wireless air integration up to 6 transmitters
  •     Audible alarms
  •     Advanced 3 axis digital compass
  •     PO2 settings from 1.0 to 1.6
  •     Max operational depth 400ft
  •     FO2 7% 100%
  •     Set Helium from 0% to 93%
  •     Powered by the tried and true Buhlmann ZHL 16C algorithm with adjustable gradient factors
  •     User upgradeable firmware
  •     Dive log up to 24 dives
  •     Track E.N.D. and W.O.B. during dive
  •     Change gas option during dive
  •     Customizable dive screens

The manual for the TX1 can be downloaded here: https://www.hollis.com/media/wysiwyg/HO/tx1/TX1_manual(12-4101r06).pdf

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