Interspiro AGA Full-Face Mask

SDD: 5759 MPN: 96319-21

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INT MR Mask w/BV, w/ABV, w/Safety Pressure

  • High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance
  • Leakage is prevented by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
  • With a low dead space volume the air consumption and CO2 build up is minimized
  • The full face mask can easily be drained from water with a purge button

INTERSPIRO is the leader in designing and manufacturing safe, user-friendly and innovative respiratory solutions including full face masks and surface supply air systems for public safety divers.

Diving in contaminated water is a multi-faceted subject. Public safety dive teams can include law enforcement and fire rescue and duties can vary from search, rescue, recovery, harbor and hull inspections to evidence recovery. Dive conditions can range from clear/potable water to zero visibility (blackwater), or in waters polluted by chemicals and biohazards. The smart diver knows that the quickest way for organisms to enter the body is through the respiratory system. That is why it is vital to dive the preferred and proven choice by public safety divers around the world – INTERSPIRO.

DUI and INTERSPIRO’s diving philosophy is a SYSTEM philosophy. All parts of the diver from the drysuit and breathing circuit – from the full face mask all the way up to the last thread on the DP1 Surface Supply – are tightly integrated. The reason is simple; to obtain the highest possible safety level for public safety divers requires complete diver encapsulation.

INTERSPIRO’s best known diving product is the Divator Full Face Mask (also known as the AGA mask). The Divator Full Face Mask is the world’s most sold and used full face mask due to the balanced breathing valve with its high capacity, low breathing resistance and extreme resilience to dangerous fluids. The Divator Mask is available with varied options depending on your specific needs.

Every day and all around the world, DUI and INTERSPIRO equipment is used in the toughest and most challenging of diving conditions and mission profiles. DUI and INTERSPIRO gear is used by the best-trained and most experienced public safety dive teams and underwater professionals on earth.