Apollo Bio-Fin Pro XT Extra Torque Fins

SDD: 864 MPN: 150-94-76-000

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BIO-FIN PRO XT (Rubber Strap) and BIO-FIN PRO XT C-Series (Spring Strap)

  • Comes in GRAY only
  • 20° angled blade for a fin shape that works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee - very low strain
  • 100% rubber material for optimum weight and flexibility
  • Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy use, and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
  • Increasing durometer to 75 rather than changing base material creates a stiffer blade that retains a high degree of the comfort and performance found in the original bio-fin pro
  • 30% stiffer blade
  • Increased control and added leverage for technical divers
  • Works as well or better than paddle fins with any kicking style
  • Foot pocket is open at the toe for added comfort
  • Easy quick release system with finger loop for easy access