DUI Blue Heat Jumpsuit

DUI Blue Heat Jumpsuit

SDD: 4995 MPN: 208344

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Heated undergarment for cold waters -- comes with socks and gloves.

The BlueHeat liner is a lightweight and comfortable jumpsuit made with soft next-to-skin fleece and lycra outer for easy donning and doffing, and has anti-microbial lining.  This heated undergarment offers torso warming in three output options: 50, 75, and 100 percent. 

Safety and protection is ensured by encasing BlueHeat wiring ( industry leading / high strand Microwire®) with a thermal protective jacket. Additionally, internal heating pads have independent thermostats and diver protection circuits.

Technical divers have understood for decades that passive insulation is not always enough for ultra-long underwater exposures. As a pioneer in Hot Water suits, DUI developed the only active heating technology designed to be used safely underwater.  While many competitors make 12 volt systems, DUI made a system that runs on 6 volts DC within the suit.  The combination of the lower voltage and circuit protection keep the diver safe in the rare case of a suit flood. The variable heat settings allow the diver to control the heat output in order to better control the warmth to duration ratio. 


  • Full torso heating with selectable output of 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Heating pads made with high strand Microwire® encased with a thermal protective jacket
  • Four heating pads have independent thermostats and diver protection circuits
  • Liner designed with conduit tunnels for optional accessory wiring harness
  • 6.9V complies to diver safety standards
  • Get 2 hours of 100% power


  • 12.8 V / 12.5 Amp Hours / 160 Watts
  • Programmed to provide constant & consistent heat throughout the dive
  • Meets safety standards – 12.8V power is bucked down to 6.9V
  • Meets performance standards – 12.8V power is boosted to 14V for light systems
  • Heavy-duty wires and waterproof connectors
  • Battery canister is made of polycarbonate with locking latches and offers multiple mounting options
  • Lid is anodized, powder-coated aluminum
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Encased battery – can be easily exchanged between dives
  • Batteries can be cascaded for extended range expeditions