DUI Zip Wrist Seals - Silicone

SDD: 4552 MPN: 302278

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 Silicone ZipSeals™ Features:

  •     Silicone is UV and ozone resistant so they will last longer in most conditions
  •     Softer and more comfortable to wear
  •     Excellent for people with latex allergies
  •     Great for divers with prominent wrist tendons creating a drier dive when flexing hands
  •     Easy to put on and take off due to excellent stretch and slick coating applied to the inside of the seal
  •     The DUI Silicone Wrist ZipSeals can be worn with all DUI drysuits fitted with the Generation 2 Wrist ZipRings -- Generation 1 has a ridge line on the suit portion of the seal.

Please use the DUI Silicone Seal Trimming Guide below. The more rings you have on the seal, the tighter it will be. Start counting at the base of the seal. The largest ring will be 1.