Halcyon Explorer Doubles SS BC System

SDD: 1726 MPN: 10.215.040

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Halcyon  Explorer - stainless plate

The proven Explorer series wing provides an ideal choice for divers seeking a traditional horseshoe-shaped doubles wing.  Its rugged construction is the foundation for an entire lineage of Halcyon buoyancy compensators. The Explorer wing is available in two lift capacities, and is appropriate for a wide range of double-tank gear configurations. The Explorer series offers a proven design that remains popular in a wide range of diving environments.

Key Features of the Explorer BC System

  • Explorer Buoyancy Compensator (wing) - available in either 40- or 55-lb. (18- or 25-kg) lift capacity
  • Choice of stainless steel backplate in standard or small size
  • Stainless Steel grommets set in re-enforced central spine webbing
  • Protected access zipper
  • Internal zipper guard flap
  • Hidden water drains
  • Strain relief/flex limiter at corrugated hose elbow
  • Complete Secure Harness - infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly
  • Halcyon Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
  • All Explorer wings are CE-certified