Halcyon H-75P DIN First Stage

SDD: 3708 MPN: 65.100.175

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H-75P DIN First Stage, Halcyon First Stage (MK 25 DIN)

Halcyon's H-75P offers many refined features that ensure consistent delivery, with performance, that ranks among the very best in our industry. The stable, intermediate pressure provides precise delivery of air to the second stage. This means that you will experience a remarkable ease of breathing, while diving in all environments. This is true at nearly any tank pressure, and within almost any water temperature. This sophisticated technology is among the best in the industry, freeing you to get the most out of your diving.
An air balanced flow-through piston delivers an optimal amount of air to the second stage, remaining unaffected by changes in tank pressure. Lightweight and responsive components create prompt adjustments to breathing demands in all conditions, temperatures, or tank pressures. Enjoy the smoothest breathing regulator, whether you are on the final hours of an extreme cave exploration, or on a blue water ascent, after a magnificent Grand Cayman wall dive.

  •     Five High-flow, Low-pressure Ports allow you to customize your hose routing for comfort and convenience. The Halcyon 360 degree swivel turret cap with high flow ports ensure the best air delivery possible, with up to 15% more air than other LP ports. Combined with Halcyon's "long" primary hose and backup necklace, your hoses can be configured where you need them. Whether diving a sophisticated rebreather, or a simple, open water system, you can create a configuration that supports easy movement, reduces jaw fatigue from ill-routed hose position, and streamlines your diving profile.
  •     Two opposing high pressure ports allow you to choose where to route your SPG, and allows the use of accessories. Most Halcyon divers route their pressure gauge to the left, but the Halcyon H-75P allows flexibility with any configuration you choose. These options provide freedom to support personalized and advanced hose routing configurations.
  •     300 Bar DIN first stage is the most secure connection available. Our DIN fittings are compatible with a wide range of yoke conversion kits.
  •     Nitrox 40% compatible right out of the box, so you can start diving without any additional concerns. Assemble your system, analyze your gas, and go diving. We also offer Oxygen clean upgrade kits for the H-75P, so you can enjoy these great features on all your deco bottles.
  •     Externally adjustable intermediate pressure allows a quick fine-tuning by a Halcyon service technician, without fully disassembling the first stage.