Halcyon Weighted Zipper Pocket

SDD: 4594 MPN: 10.030.100

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This innovative pocket is designed to replace the Right Hand Zipper™ pocket or ACB with a bellows-type pocket, providing both convenient storage and flexible weighting.

The Halcyon Weighted Bellows™ pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. It is the same physical size as the familiar Halcyon Standard Bellows™ pocket but with a harness slot for fixing the pocket to the diver’s waist strap.

Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.

Key Features:
• Tough Cordura® material
• Zippered flap storage area with internal bungies for small
• Large pocket internal bungies for pocket contents like
the Halcyon Defender™ Pro or Halcyon SMB
• Internal weight pocket holds 5 pounds (2.3 KG)
• Stainless Steel drain grommets
• Rigid design allows the trapping of a long hose at the
diver’s hip

Reel and bolt snap not included.