Henderson 5/3mm Aqualock Bibbed Hood

SDD: 4059 MPN: QH53N-XS

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Designed as part of the Aqua Lock® system, these Hoods utilize the same construction techniques employed by all Aqua Lock® products. Every seam on the hoods are first double glued and blind stitched inside and out. Then, the outer seam is coated with a special waterproof Aqua Lock® liquid tape barrier which seals the seam from water entry and also helps protect the stitching from damage and unraveling.

The interior of the Aqua Lock® hood is lined with a Golden micro fleece lining which dries quickly and feels luxurious against the skin. It also improves the ease of putting on and taking off the hood.

The hood bib is extended for additional coverage and a secure fit. The outer portion of the bib features 3 silicone O-ring seals which are designed to mate to the inside of the Aqua Lock® jumpsuit. The inner bib is made from ultra soft and supple skin neoprene to provide a compression seal against the skin. A revolutionary new one way flow vent purge valve, vents regulator exhaust from the hood while preventing cold water entry. This design is a Henderson exclusive and not available on any other hood. The Aqua Lock® hood exterior features Henderson’s renowned Aquasilk laminate.