Ikelite C-Lite 8 Halogen Light

SDD: 1649 MPN: 1240

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Halogen Ikelite

Intensity: 14 watts
Beam: Medium spot
Lamp: Halogen 10 volt
Batteries: 8 alkaline or NiMH "C"
Burn Time: 5.5 hours
Weight in air: 1.2kg (2.2lb) with batteries
Size w/o handle: 8x17cm (3.1x6.7in)
Depth Rating: 90m - 300 feet

The super intense 10V-quartz halogen lamp shines emits and extremely bright penetrating medium spot beam with good peripheral coverage for exploration night or day. 8 "C" cell batteries provide almost 6 hours of continuous burn time.

The contour handle is over molded with soft rubber for comfort. The large rotating switch and sliding lock afford easy operation even when wearing a bulky glove. A rubber shroud protects the front lens while blocking distracting side reflections. The unique rear clamp design makes dependable opening and closing a snap.