Oceanic H2O Audio mp3 Player

Oceanic H2O Audio mp3 Player

SDD: 7786 MPN: D2-1c1

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Underwater mp3 player to 200' in original packaging!  There is also a spare case but it is not in original condition.

Comes with replacement iRiver 7-series mp3 player (original missing; replacement player was purchased in used condition to check fit only and may not be functioning).

  • Supports iRiver 700 series MP3 player
  • Load your favorite music to the MP3 player for your next dive
  • Use it for dive training and safety instructions
  • Add a whole new dimension to your dive
  • Integrated amplifier enhances fidelity
  • 2 stereo speakers attaches to any dive mask
  • Full external control of all MP3 functions of the iRiver 700 MP3 player
  • DEPTH: 200 Feet
  • Also compatible with iRiver 300 series mp3 players

Rare item to find in this condition!