SCUBAPRO Meridan Wrist Computer

SCUBAPRO Meridan Wrist Computer

SDD: 4153 MPN: 05.060.100

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ScubaPro Meridian wrist computer

Product highlights:

  • It's a watch and a full function dive computer
  • Digital depth gauge
  • Apnea free dive mode
  • Automatic altitude adjustment to 13,300 feet / 4050 meters
  • Use Meridian as a multifunction wrist watch, dive in SCUBA, APNEA or GAUGE modes. Displays are visually clear and easy to navigate. An intuitive +/- push of a button leads you to more advanced information and data. Housing in highest marine grade 316L stainless steel with two-toned brushed finishing, for heavy duty longevity with designer looks.
  • ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm - Predictive Multi-Gas (PMG)
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) -- All SCUBAPRO computers allow enriched air (Nitrox) use from 21% to 100%. The ppO2 is adjustable between 1 and 1.6.
  • Gauge mode - Apnea mode - Bookmark function - Easily replaceable battery - Active back light, with push on and push off function
  • For safer diving-travel planning, an altimeter accurately measures altitude and alerts the diver when approaching an altitude incompatible with saturation status due to a recent dive
  • Heart rate monitor senses your effort, incorporates it into the workload calculation and then adapts the decompression algorithm. With APNEA mode this function features a specific low HR alarm.
  • Full watch functions (date and time in 12 or 24 hour notation, stop-watch underwater and on the surface, built-in thermometer, altimeter for mountain treks, UTC setting, wake-up alarm, silent mode, battery status display.
  • Maximum depth rate: 120m.

See the optional download cradle, part # SDD: 4182 MPN: 05.060.001

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