SCUBAPRO 2.5mm Hybrid Socks 57.090

SDD: 9427 MPN: 57.090.090

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The 57.090 Hybrid Sock is made of soft 2.5mm neoprene with a textured sole that provides a bit of non-slip protection for walking on wet boat decks. Featuring 100% high-stretch Everflex Nylon outside and a plush interior lining for warmth and comfort, you can wear the Hybrid sock inside your dive boot for added warmth, as a liner inside a full foot fin, or by itself to walk around on a chilly boat deck.

Whichever you choose, your feet will love you for it. Easy to don and doff, this sock is great footwear for freedivers too, and also for small divers (the three smallest sizes are designed to fit the smallest of divers). Included: a reusable fabric boot bag for transport and storage.