SCUBAPRO No-Zipper Bootie - 5mm Everflex 57.042

SCUBAPRO No-Zipper Bootie - 5mm Everflex 57.042

SDD: 7115 MPN: 57.042.200

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The EVERFLEX 5MM is an extremely flexible neoprene boot and the perfect footwear choice for anyone who dives in an Everflex steamer -- although its design features and thermal properties can also be appreciated by wearers of other wetsuits.

A 105-degree slant in the ankle area creates a more natural swimming position by mimicking the foot's orientation. This makes for more comfortable kicking when spending long periods of time at depth.

The boot is designed without a side zipper or Velcro closure, yet its pliable neoprene allows for easy donning and doffing. It also provides a great seal while allowing total freedom of movement. 

  • Classic sole provides a protective cushion against uneven terrain as well as a non-slip surface to handle wet boat decks.
  • 105-degree ankle slant enhances fit and greatly improves comfort while kicking.
  • Reinforced toe and heel provide protection against the elements.
  • Heel cap includes a molded fin strap keeper to eliminate strap slippage.
  • Diamond Span interior improves both warmth and comfort.
  • No zip keeps boot comfortable and well-fitted.