Si Tech Gaude Exhaust Valve

SDD: 5220 MPN: 11370

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The SiTech Gaude Exhaust Valve is a high performance valve suitable for all areas of recreational and technical diving. As with all SI TECH Exhaust Valves the Gaude is extremely sensitive for variations in pressure and provides the diver with excellent buoyancy control.

The design of the top lid makes it ideal to use in conjunction with heavy duty gloves and still evacuate proper amount of gas during ascent. All SI TECH Exhaust Valves have built in safety features that ensure no gas to be evacuated by accident while on surface. The construction of the filter lid makes the Gaude Exhaust Valve suitable to use in conjunction with all common undergarments.

Item no: 11370

  • Large guide ridge


  • High flow
  • Ratchet action
  • Available with large/small guide ridge
  • Anti-friction washer