Si Tech On/Off Dump Valve

SDD: 5221 MPN: 13320

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Dump Valve with On/Off function (can be opened/closed). Spring loaded. Designed to fit SI TECH Valve ports. (Valve port item no: 60885 included.)

SI TECH does not recommend this valve as the only valve on drysuits. Dump Valves should be used in combination with a SI TECH Exhaust Valve.

This Dump Valve is designed to be fitted in a Valve port. The hole in the drysuit fabric must be a minimum of 50 mm (1,97") in diameter. The Baseplate must seal against the Valve port.

Valve ports: SI TECH Valve ports with item no: 60885 or 60895.

Attachment tools: Item no: 18417 (set with external and internal tools, for grip enhancement).

  • Diameter: 49 mm (with knobs)
  • Height: 33 mm (total with Valve port), 14 mm (exterior)
  • Attachment threads: M33 x 1.5
  • Pressure resistance at 10 normal liters/minute: 2 mbar