TUSA DC Solar Link Wrist Computer

SDD: 8660 MPN: IQ-1204-BKG

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The TUSA IQ1204 DC Solar Link dive computer is the next generation in TUSA's solar-powered devices. Features include: dive log transfer to smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth® SMART technology; Solar recharging which eliminates the need to replace a battery; 4-Mix Gas support; Free-Dive Mode, and a factory-sealed and rugged design that prevents flooding.

  •      Solar Rechargeable (No batteries needed!)
  •     Eco-Friendly
  •     Dive log transferable to smartphone using Bluetooth® SMART technology (TUSA Diving LOG app required)
  •     4 Gas Mixes (21-100%), Gauge, and Free-Dive Mode
  •     AA Buhlmann ZHL-16C Decompression algorithm for safe and simple ascents
  •     Various time modes: Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World Time
  •     Full-Auto LED backlight