UK Blue Tang Hydralloy Knife - Drop Tip

UK Blue Tang Hydralloy Knife - Drop Tip

SDD: 1926 MPN: 30081

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UK Drop tip knife

From Underwater Kinetics: The Blue Tang HYDRALLOY is UK’s improved take on the classic, multi-functional dive knife. We patented our own HYDRALLOY steel for a blade that is both strong and corrosion resistant where most competitors’ blades only offer one of those features.

The fifth generation Hydralloy is now stronger than ever.

The Blue Tang® HYDRALLOY® knife is built rugged, with a serrated edge and a hooked edge for cutting through all types of rope and line. It is the ultimate safety tool.

  • UKs own HYDRALLOY steel blade for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel signaling pommel insulated from blade to eliminate metal to metal corrosion
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning. No tools required!
  • Large choil for power grip on blade
  • Serrated edge for cutting rope and line
  • Hooked edge line cutter
  • One hand insertion and removal from sheath
  • 5 inch hollow ground double edge blade
  • Ozone resistant quick release knife straps included

Dimensions (L W H):

10.00 in x 2.15 in x 1.00 in

25.40 cm x 5.46 cm x 2.54 cm

Blade Material:


Blade Tip:

Drop Point / Blunt Tip


9.30 oz

263.65 g

Blade Length:

5.00 in

12.70 cm