Watershot 4

Watershot 4" Wide Angle Dome for iPhone 5/6 Samsung S4 0.39x

SDD: 7804 MPN: WSIP5-012

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4" wide angle dome, 0.39x, dry change, for WSIP5-002, WSSG4-001, WSIP6-001 and WSIP6-002 only

Compatible with Watershot® PRO Line Housings (WSIP5-002, WSSG4-001, and all iPhone 6 housings). Utilizes a 4" acrylic dome and wide angle lens elements to creates wider angle field of view and the ability to easily capture over/under (50/50) shots. The 4" acrylic dome also acts as an "air lens" underwater, enabling even wider underwater field of view (~125°) than with our standard 0.39X wide angle lens. Easily threads the Watershot housings that come with the removable port system - just remove the existing port and install this dome port. Can only be installed while not in wet conditions (dry-mate only).

  • Optical Grade Acrylic - SAR Coated (Scratch Abrasion Resistant)
  • Optical Grade Glass Lens Port Elements
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum Lens Port Base
  • Magnification – 0.39X
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 10mm
  • Field of View – 107° Horizontal
  • Field of View – 130° Diagonal
  • Depth Rating – 195ft/60m
  • Dimensions – 65mm (D) x 22mm (H) Weight – 0.3lbs
  • Black Neoprene Lens Port Cover included

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