Watershot Goodman Soft Handle Extended Mount

Watershot Goodman Soft Handle Extended Mount

SDD: 7802 MPN: WSLED-K047A

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Watershot extended soft hand mount

Extended version of the Watershot STRYKR Hand Mount Kit. It is designed to free your hands while providing light where you need it most. The STRYKR Light Heads mount to a secure plastic plate using a single screw. High quality velcro and neoprene ensure that the light is held securely and comfortably on the back of the hand. This extended version has a 5" longer wrist strap and 3" longer hand strap....great for use with dry-suit gloves.

  • Hand and Wrist strap are 16" long
  • Neoprene strap with light head mounting platform
  • M4 screw for attaching light head

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